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About Zerto

Our Vision: A World of Uninterrupted Technology

A world of uninterrupted technology is a world where organizations across all industries can thrive without downtime or disruptions for their customers. From 24/7 continuous patient care in hospitals, to interruption-free airline travel, to keeping ecommerce systems running without a hitch, the path to this always-available world starts with Zerto. We help our 9000+ customers realize this vision though our Zerto platform, which brings together disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility into a single, simple cloud data management and protection solution that enables digital transformation, reduces downtime and data loss, and helps businesses move workloads seamlessly across clouds or datacenters. With Zerto, a world of truly uninterrupted technology is within reach.

Delivering Cloud Data Management and Protection for Over 9,000 Customers Around the World

Meet Our Leadership

Leading the way for a future of uninterrupted IT, our experienced and seasoned executive team is poised and deeply focused on to delivering our vision to the world.

Meet Our Investors

Our mission is backed by some of the strongest firms in the industry, these investors are supporting our vision to bring IT Resilience to the world.

Our Work is Newsworthy

Love What You Do. Join Us!

500+ strong across the globe and growing to pace with our rapidly expanding operations. Entrepreneurial, passionate, fun; we are Zerto. Focused on changing the IT game and creating a world of disruption-free business, and enjoying the journey along the way. You in?

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